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Carnival BOX

50 x 2cl Shaker or Haselnut or Zirberl or Steirabluat or Sweet pear, € 50,-

Welcome to South Styria

Due to sufficient precipitation in early summer and relatively high temperature, the climatic conditions of southern Styria offer the best conditions for the cultivation of the Styrian oil pumpkin – the starting material for our Steiraöl®.

To the region

Our Product Groups Pumpkin seed oils, various types of oil and varieties (Ölcuvées), vinegars, nibbles, wines, schnapps, liqueurs, juices, pesto, deer sausage, free range eggs, wage presses, guides a.s.o.
Open the news description Oils and Vinegars The highlights are our Applebalsamico from 1988, 1999, and 2007 matured in oak barrels. Also suitable as a gift.
Open the news description Nibble kernels Roasted Styrian pumpkin seeds. Styrian handicraft of the finest, directly from the farm. An extremely healthy food for in between. Coated with Natur,Caramel, Choco-Orange, Cinnamon-Vanilla, Choco-Cocos, Himalayasalt, Choco-Chili,
Open the news description Schnapps - Liqueurs Often copied but never reached. The unique taste of the pumpkin seed oil in combination with our schnapps results in a great pleasure experience.