This principle has been shaping our thoughts and actions for almost 40 years.
Certainly not an easy way, but one that is worthwhile. Because we believe that the
very personal motives are always the ones that make people move something.
That’s why we founded the “Steiraoel  ®” brand in 2010.
Because the production of the finest oils is our affair – whether pumpkin seed-, salad
, walnut-, poppy seed-, sesame,- sunflower-, olive-, hemp- or linseed oil – all
products of the brand “Steiraoel ®”are natural products – high quality and
manufactured to strict quality criteria.

Geriebene Kürbiskerne in einer Pfanne


Our goal is to produce single-grade, high-quality oils with a typical aroma and
genuine taste. Therefore, our products are subject to strict conditions and meticulous
quality controls. And that is why seed oil has been geographically protected by the
EU and bears the title “Styrian pumpkin seed oil g.g.A. (protected geographical
indication – PGI)”. With our Steiraoel® we leave nature absolutely pure. Our oils are
not treated and not filtered, but brought to their proper maturity by settling in the tank
for about 10 days. This makes the oil more intense and thicker. Afterwards it is
important to fill the oils professionally.
Due to the constant effort to achieve the highest quality, our company was awarded
the distinction “Awarded Styrian Kernoel-manufacturer – PGI ” in the years 2011 up to
2019 continuously.

Plakete Auszeichnung Prämierter steirischer Kernölbetrieb 2019

In the coming years, we will continue to strive to maintain the high quality of our
products and create new oils and combinations of oils – cuveés.
Steiraoel produces high-quality snack kernels from Styrian pumpkin seeds in various
Whether it´s natural nibbles, chocolate-coconut, cinnamon-vanilla, chocolate-orange,
roasted almonds, chocolate chili or refined with Himalayan salt – all nibbles are
marketed directly from the farm. This is also guaranteed by the unmistakable
snack enjoyment of the Steiraoel products.
Another quality product of Steiraoel is the – also available in different variations –
pumpkin seed pesto, which is also produced by hand and in best quality directly on
the farm.
One of the very special quality products is “Grandma´s Ancient Apple Balsamico
1988 “. Here you can recognize the long-term philosophy of the company Steiraöl.
For over 30 years this vinegar matured in oak barrels to the highest balsamic quality.
Also available as “Grandma´s Old Apple Balsamic Vinegar 1999 and as Balsamico
2007” at Steiraoel.