Tour groups – Guided tours – Buses – Bikers

Tour groups – Guided tours – Buses – Bikers

We offer buses guided tours as well as for bikers and all other groups. In our company “Steiraoel” you will learn the secrets of the production of our Styrian pumpkin seed oil. During a guided tour through our company, we will show you the difference between the pumpkin seeds matured and harvested in the region of Southeastern Styria and those from other regions. You will see the careful processing and learn the expert process of pressing up to the filling of the high quality Styrian pumpkin seed oil.
We will teach you how to make the pumpkin seed oil and how to taste our variety of oils. You will experience the taste of the oils produced by us in best quality. Whether walnut oil, hemp oil, linseed oil, sesame oil, chili oil, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, olive oil, pumpkin seed oil or cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil.cold-pressed pumpkin seed oil. All oils are available to you for tasting with pastries – this for a little fee of 4,- € per person.
Included in the price you have the opportunity to taste a large selection of nibble-
seeds with a variety of flavors. Test all the flavors and find your favorite taste for
You have also the opportunity of tasting freshly prepared scrambled eggs with
pumpkin seed oil, where you can test the unique taste of pumpkin seed oil in
combination with a warm dish – for a fee of 2,-€. If this kind of food tastes good for you, it is easy to prepare this delicacy yourself simply and quickly – with natural and healthy Styrian pumpkin seed oil from “Steiraoel”.

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Quality, naturalness, healthy raw materials and proximity to our customers is our top priority.

Tradition in connection with very well-trained employees guarantee the production of products

=> Highest standards

=> Best taste

=> Reasonable prices

You as a customer are very important to us! Let yourself be pampered by our Steiraöl® products. During our opening hours, we offer you a free sample at any time.