It is already a special one – the Kernoelfleck (pumpkin seed oil – stain) . But if you do
not want to wear it anymore, just hang it or your garment out in the sun. After a few
hours it disappeared – the stain. Then you can simply wash your clothing in the
machine and it will be squeaky clean.

Pumpkin seed oil tips:

Store the pumpkin seed oil in cool and dark place.

Used bottle should be consumed within 6 to 12 weeks. If you do not use pumpkin seed oil daily, than it will be better you buy smaler quantities when shopping.

Pumpkin seed oil is especially good for the cold food. It should never be heated too much due to its content of unsaturated fatty acids. (up to a maximum of 120 ° C)

Salads with pumpkin seed oil should never be placed in the sun, otherwise the oil spoils very quickly. Pumpkin seed oil should be stored cool and dark.

With an unopened bottle pumpkin seed oil keeps under optimal condition for up to one year.

Salad tips:
If you keep the pumpkin seed oil in the refrigerator, we recommend to adjust the oil
for a few minutes to room temperature before refining your salads so that the
aroma can develop well. For the marinade, first use the oil and then the vinegar and
the other ingredients. As a result the pumpkin seed oil adheres better to the salad.

Cooking tips:
Pumpkin seed oil can be heated briefly and carefully. So you can make excellent
scrambled eggs with pumpkin seed oil.
Please keep in mind that this is a natural oil –
the smoke point and the decomposition therefore occur very early.
Always keep the pumpkin seed oil cool, protected from light and well closed.

Cosmetic tip:

For soft hands we recommend a mixture of pumpkin seed and
sunflower oil mixed in equal parts. Gently massage the hands with the oil and leave
them in a pair of gloves for about one hour. Vitamin A and E as well as moisturizing
phytosterols ensure silky soft hands.

Medical tip:
rub in an essence of pumpkin seed oil, ginger and marjoram in painful areas. The
precious ingredients of the pumpkin seed oil are designed to relieve pain and relax.
For the essence warm up pumpkin seed oil and add ginger pieces and marjoram.
Then warm briefly, but do not cook. Let the mixture soak for 10 minutes and strain off
ingredients. Massage the painful areas several times a day for a few minutes. The
short massage warms the skin tissue. So the blood circulation is stimulated and
muscle tension is released.