Styrian pumpkin seed oil g.g.A.

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Styrian pumpkin seed oil g.g.A.

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Styrian pumpkin seed oil g.g.A.

Best quality from Steiraöl

Average nutritional value Steiraöl pumpkin seed oil per 100g:
Energy value: 896 kcal / 3751 kj.
Protein: in traces.
Carbohydrates and salt: in traces.

Fat 100.0g.
Saturated fatty acids 18,0g.
Monounsaturated fatty acids 34.0g.
polyunsaturated fatty acids: 48.0g
Cholesterol 0.0g.
Vitamin E 56mg *.
* corresponds to 560% of the recommended daily dose
* This natural product is subject to natural fluctuations, any sediment or turbidity is natural and normal.

Full, nutty aroma and a scent of roasted pumpkin seeds.

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